Kevin Gliner
I've been making games professionally since 1991. I've built five videogame startups in addition to managing studios at Activision and Maxis. I've worked with over 30 companies in the space, ranging from the small (Play Studios) to large (Microsoft), developing third party titles or just consulting on business and design issues. I've also personally designed over 15 titles for pc, console, web and mobile platforms and managed dozens more.
I was one of the founding directors of the IGDA and sat on the advisory board for the Austin Game Conference.
Various writing on the subject of game design, startups and the industry in general can be found on my blog Point Line Square.
Published titles I've done most or all of the design for:
JAMDAT Sports NBA 2006 (JAMDAT, 2005)
JAMDAT Sports NFL 2006 (JAMDAT, 2005)
Dodgeball (Superscape, 2005)
JAMDAT Sports NBA 2005 (JAMDAT, 2004)
JAMDAT Sports NFL 2005 (JAMDAT, 2004)
Precision Pinball (Motorola and JAMDAT, 2004)
JAMDAT Sports NBA 2004 (JAMDAT, 2003)
JAMDAT Solitaire (JAMDAT, 2003)
Space Invaders 2000 (Activision, 1999)
Jack Nicklaus Golf 4 (Accolade, 1997)
Full Tilt II (Maxis, 1996)
Marble Drop (Maxis, 1996)
TriTryst (Virgin, 1996)
Full Tilt Pinball (Maxis, 1995)
3D Pinball for Windows (Microsoft, 1995)
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My latest venture: Monumental
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Email: kg@(this site's domain)